Saturday, May 10, 2008

Did you miss me?

Greetings from the Chesapeake Bay. Here's a Saturday Sky as proof I'm back on the East Coast.

Heron Haven - 20080510

I had a wonderful time in Seattle! Hanging out with my nephews for almost three weeks, when I usually get to see them once a year at best, was just what I wanted it to be. A chance to get to know them better, who they are growing up to be, and what their life is like. Seeing someone on vacation, on a visit far from home, and rushing to do lots of activities is at best a snapshot of who that person is, not a portrait.

Seattle is a fascinating place. The weather was just awful. I’m not making jokes about Seattle weather, it really was unseasonably cold, hailing, and rainy. But the “Emerald City” was green and full of blooming Spring flowers. I’m not a cold weather or a hot weather person, and I dream of a temperate climate like the Pacific Northwest. Rather than try to post them here, go to my Flickr set and see the slideshow for a walk around the Washington Park Arboretum.

There are many yarn shops. I know there are several that I missed, but I’ll be back for a few days in June. Here are a few that I did visit. You know, just to look.

Weaving Works: Where I taught Boy #3 to spin. Knitting and Weaving yarns, Spinning fibers, supplies, equipment, and workshops. A nice friendly comfortable shop with good selection of yarns and fibers. I brought home a pretty Cascade drop spindle to practice spinning with the nephews, but resisted the yarn. Near the U-Dub (University District)

Bad Woman Yarn: A wonderful shop in the Wallingford Center, small in size but packed with lovely yarns. Lots of hand-dyes, organics, and luxury yarns. Some Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace came away with me for a mystery stole.

Acorn Street Shop: A welcoming shop with a beautiful selection, and lots of pretty summer yarns. Some spinning supplies as well as knitting. I succumbed to a sweater’s worth of Classic Elite Classic Silk in a yummy Plum color. Near University Village.

Hilltop Yarn: Worth the trip all the way to the top of the hill in Queen Anne. Also small, but with a wonderful selection, including lots of Rowan yarns and indie hand-dyes. Found some Addi’s I needed there.

Tricoter: Whether you like things organized by color or not, it certainly makes for a pretty shop. This is the place for high-end and luxury yarns, attentive service, and the offer to write a custom pattern to your measurements for any yarn from the shop. Drawn immediately to the wall o’ cashmere, I did try to resist, but was helpless against the charms of some pretty blue Tahki Cashmere 7000 for the Persephone Scarf. Located in Madison Park.

And, though I did get to knit some, the second sock languishes, and the second mitten wonders where the love is.

I did knit the first clue for the Mystery Lace KAL (and got caught up in some of the drama)(it became a massive trainwreck)(no links for this one as it’s gone). But that is behind me, and I’ve started Renee’s Spring Mystery Stole instead with the lovely Silky Alpaca Lace, and will knit a bit until I see what the clues are shaping up to look like.

Spring Mystery Shawl - Clue 1
The pearly beads are BACK!

But the Scoop du Jour cardigan has been the darling of the WIP pile.

Scoop du Jour - Back and Sleeves

It is fast. It is easy. It is fun. Using the sleeves-as-giant-swatch method, both are done. The back is DONE! I’ve started a front. I may actually finish this thing. In time for shorts and bathing suit weather, but whatever.

Scoop du Jour - Left Front Started

So, there’s a long update. I’ve been neglecting the blog something awful. It takes me a long time to write long posts, because I feel like I want you to have Content. But I miss the blog, and will try some quick shorter posts for a while to stay in touch better.