Friday, August 29, 2008


Lost my blog voice for a while. Longer than I intended.

Rather than try to catch you all up on everything that has happened – a daunting prospect which has pretty much prevented me from even trying, here are the Cliff Notes. Went back to Seattle for a week, moved my Mom to Cville, nephew visited for ten days, the Hubs had eye surgery, we have lots of new client work, cleared out late FIL’s house, knitting a little, spinning a teeny bit, I took up weaving and bought three looms.

Looms - Baby Wolf and Toika
Schacht Baby Wolf, 26", 8H jack loom and Toika Norjaana, 40", 8H, countermarche loom

Yes, that's only two. Here's the third.
Loom - Northwest Pioneer Designer
Northwest Pioneer "Designer", 15", 8H

That pretty much sums up the past three months.

Finished Scoop du Jour which will get it’s own post. Started a Comfy Sweater of Classic Silk that I found in Seattle.

Comfy Sweater - Waist Decreases
Such a lovely plum color that is so hard to photograph

After the Mystery Lace meltdown, I started and stopped a couple or three mystery shawls, then started Hazel Carter’s Sampler Stole from Gathering of Lace which is resting until cooler weather.

GoL Sampler Stole - Cast on
Yes, it looks like a big pile o’ because it’s lace

Also need to get back to work on the lovely nectarine-colored silk Heat Wave scarf from Wooly Wonka’s Change in Seasons lace club (Hi Anne!) And, I signed up for No More Humdrum Mittens Swap Three! Questionnaire to follow.

Yes, it does take nine months for me to knit a pair of socks. All the more ironic considering the size of my sock yarn stash.
STR Charade Sock Two - finally past the heel
STR Charade Socks, coming in the home stretch!

I’ve got pounds of free raw fleeces, fiber back from processing, and dyed rovings. And couldn’t figure out what to spin since I couldn’t envision what to knit with the yarns I saw in the fibers. So, I haven’t been spinning. Even though I was accepted to go to SOAR and Abby Franqemont’s workshop.

And then, like a little tickle at the back of the throat, I thought that maybe if I learned to weave I could weave faster than I can knit and would spin more. I’m not sure which is the gateway drug here, but it’s already too late.

Like I decided to spin, I have decided to weave. I bought a neat old table loom from a Raveler, and signed up for a week of classes with a wonderful local weaving teacher Laurie Duxbury (scroll to the bottom of THIS page). I was warping and weaving in no time, and found myself really inspired to pursue this new craft. I even got to finish a project of two handtowels during my week!

Sampler Scarf-01 Class sampler = scarf for the Hubs
Obligatory newbie weaver sampler = scarf

Weaving Class Handtowels
Cotton handtowels with monk’s belt borders

Weaving Class Handtowels - Detail of Monks Belt borders
The borders, how cool is that?

So, that’s my icebreaker. I plan to be back around the blog more, and reading and commenting on your blogs, and I’ll tell you more about lace and sweaters and weaving and spinning soon. And, Yes, Krista, I miss you.