Wednesday, October 8, 2008

“It Depends”

Greetings from SOAR!

We’ve finished the workshop half of the week. I wisely decided to take Thursday off instead of go on the ALL DAY field trip and will test drive some wheels at the Market, you know, just for future reference. I’ve learned a few things about spinning with my little Pipy that have slowed down my wish for a big wheel a lot. But, while I’ve got a chance to see them in person, and spin on a few, I might as well.

Our class was really useful. Spinning for a Purpose, with Abby Franquemont, who knows an amazing amount about fiber, and has led an interesting life. And whose answer to many of our spinning questions was the above post title. That or, “Have you tried it?” We don’t have a lot of product to show off, but all gained tips and techniques and new ways of thinking about our spinning and project planning.

Photos tomorrow, some itty bitty skeins, and an FO!