Friday, October 17, 2008

SOAR 2008

Where to begin describing SOAR? I walked into the hotel and saw a bunch of spinners and knitters lounging in the lobby. That’s a start. To say I’ve never seen anything like it is an understatement. And, it got much better than that. When I spent a week at the Folk School, we had twelve spinners in our class, all very focused on what we were doing. But at mealtimes there were blacksmiths, and woodturners, and cabinetmakers, and quilters, and musicians, and well, you get the idea. Now picture 250 spinners sitting down to dinner, and carrying spinning wheels here and there, and drop spindling during meetings, and knitting at odd moments, and learning and teaching and cheering each other on.

SOAR2008 Spin In with band
All my photos are blurry, low light and too much caffeine I guess

Spinning goddesses mingling with mere mortals. Rockstar knitbloggers. Spinning and whirling Peruvians.

soar2008 Aquilina

Making new friends. Staying up too late spinning with the cool kids. Swill. Chance conversations containing gems of information.

SOAR 2008 Abby and Aquilina spindling
Peruvian Drop Spindling - Abby and Aquilina

Lightbulb moments. Total spinning amnesia. The Market.

soar2008 Loot

Wheels so fast they humble you (Click and watch the video of Abby on her new wheel, 60:1, it gives you something to aim for). Polwarth and Silk Top. Autumn in the mountains.

soar2008 Sunrise
Delaware Water Gap at Sunrise

These are a few of my favorite things.

I “got” long-draw, was able to spin on the very fast flyer,

soar2008 spinning class 1
Spinning for a Purpose

bottom whorl spindled,

soar2008 spindles
Made possible by the Mary K. Larson Drop Spindle Fund

learned that nupp rhymes with soup, figured out how to spin for a sweater with all that Romney fiber I have,

soar2008 Sweater Swatch
Three ply knits up nicer than two ply

made countless teeny sample skeins,

soar2008 Sample Skeins
If I knit them all together, they might make a great sampler scarf

soar2008 Samples
Goats, and Silk, and Bison, Oh My!

watched silk being reeled from cocoons, finished my chunky handspun scarf,

One Row Scarf Done

had fun spinning Wrap and Roll,

soar2008 wrap and roll detail
Easier than it looks

and gained a new appreciation for the many features of the little Pipy wheel.

Blue BFL Skein
170 yards, worsted-aran weight, chain-plyed BFL with angelina

I can’t wait to go back next year!